Let’s Move!

30 Jan 2009




28 Jan 2009

ah, speechless…


The Elusive Uniburn

23 Dec 2008

I came across these photos while going through some old stuff. This was the uniburn at one point in it’s reign. Unfortunately there are no photos of it at its most glorious stage but this is still pretty good.

El Derby de Kentucky

23 Dec 2008

Alright sweet suite mates. Who is still reading this blog? More importantly, who wants to meet up at the Kentucky derby this year?! It’s been too long since I’ve seen some of you and way too long since I’ve seen all of you.

Alex said he could help figure out details like how to smuggle alcohol in and other important things, like getting tickets.

Any interest?

Happy Kwanzaa, hugs and kisses

So Here We Are…

16 Dec 2008

A buddy at work sent this out.  It’s funny, but also…well, something else.


Here’s to American ingenuity.  Cheers…


4 Dec 2008

I found this today and thought of you guys.



After we find the money for the underground missile base, we can use this thing to get around.

New Toy

14 Nov 2008

After years of hand-me-down vehicles for cheap from my parents, I finally bought one that I wanted.  Kate and I picked up a VW Vanagon on Monday down in Portland.  Here are some photos the previous owner took recently:


After I do some work to it, I’ll post some more photos.

This thing is screaming for a road trip, or at least some good skiing.  Anytime you guys want to get away for a while, just let me know.

I hope all is well.  Oh, and by the way, just to get get a spark, I have 2 words for you guys –

bachelor parties.