If you liked Into Thin Air…

So I just read Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild, which I had been meaning to do for sometime now based on Dylan’s recommendation.  The movie is coming out very soon, if it hasn’t already, so I finally got my butt into gear last weekend.  Even I read it over a weekend, which first indicated to me that it’s just a really short book.  Upon further investigation, however, I found that it’s not that short, and I remembered the countless times I was reading and thought “Damn, I really should hit the head” or what have you, but couldn’t tear myself away.

If you’re into Tolstoy, hitchhiking, porcupines, father/son conflict, lounge pianists, poorly smoked moose meat,  yellow Datsun cars, Thoreau, ice climbing, or rice, I highly recommend it.


One Response to If you liked Into Thin Air…

  1. dshypheng says:

    I second that. Also for any road trippers I highly recommend Into Thin Air as a book on tape. We listened to it on the way out West after graduation and it got to the point where we were looking forward to getting back on the road just so we could hear the story…

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