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OK folks, consider yourselves the first to know. I’m currently in France, but heading back from whence I came on october 3. My current plan is to be in the ‘ville for my sister’s 30th, then head up to beantown on the 10th for jeff’s bday and associated revelry. From there its out to the west coast, so west coasters tell me where you are and if i’m welcome to spend a few days in your illustrious company. My end goal is to wind up in Ft. Lauderdale FL at the end of the month in order to get a job for the Caribbean season, but before that its flexible so let me know if you have any clever ideas! You can call me on my french cell phone before 10.3 on 0033 6 34 59 89 03, or afterward in KY at 502 459 6591.

Peace be with you, at least until i arrive,


5 Responses to Incoming

  1. Ben says:

    Joy- I already lost my first comment….

    Anyhoo- you’re welcome in Portland whenever for as long as you like. (A heads up to make sure we’re in town is highly recommended 🙂

    I also can make up hip European cell phone numbers: 7124591234985 Yeah, you know it’s sexy.

  2. jkre says:

    I am going to be somewhere in Souther California (hopefully San Diego) and my family lives near Ft. Lauderdale so if you need some friends, good meal, or a bed to sleep in I am sure they would be happy to host.

    OOO, those European mobile phone numbers are so sexy.

  3. dshypheng says:

    Look at your sexy self with your ffrrrrench phone number! Bret and I will thumb-wrestle over who you stay with in Seattle. Just so you know, our futon is much more plush.

    Give us a heads up before you land. We end up leaving town a lot.

    I’m almost embarrassed to post my lame phone number but it’s 001 206 225 5831

    Hope you can make it to Seattle

  4. designgrizzly says:

    If Dylan and I are going to thumb wrestle for where you stay, I need to start training.

    I’m not even going to try to sell this one. We would love it if you could stay at our place, but Dylan’s futon is indeed more plush than ours, and Fall is upon us. It’s starting to get a bit chilly at the abode, and though we can turn on the heat in our 1890’s model lath and plaster house, it will never get comfortably warm.

    Hell, maybe I’ll stay at Dylan’s.

    Anyway, my number is 206.849.8407. I’m not cool enough to have a European phone number, so I won’t even try.

    Safe Travels

  5. Jake says:

    Madison is your 2nd home. Or 25245th home, whatever, you’re a popular guy. Call me at 414-405-3460 if you wanna pass through.

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