Why Radiohead is the greatest band

I have been a fan of Radiohead since I was 13 on a cross country train, listening to OK Computer when it came out. Their music always seems iconic, yet genuine; dialed into modern society without being saturated in pop. The Radiohead show I saw while they were touring for Kid A remains the best concert I have every been to, including other Radiohead shows.

Lots of bands make great music, but Radiohead is leagues beyond everyone else because they’re brilliant musicians and even smarter people. They have remained unsigned since they completed their contract with EMI after the release of Hail to the Thief. On Oct 10th, they’ll be releasing a new album themselves. How much does it cost? Whatever you want to pay. Seriously. No record company treating fans like criminals, no DRM to help Apple/Microsoft treat you like a criminal; just a band that wants you to listen to their music (criminal or not).

Of course, I’m still going to get the £40 box set.

New Radiohead album


One Response to Why Radiohead is the greatest band

  1. James says:

    I must agree on the consistent quality of Radiohead’s music. There are so few musicians and bands out there that can actually resist sounding commercialized. Radiohead has not only resisted, but, in my opinion, has gotten better with each album (Kind of like the Beatles but not as popy).

    I checked out the link and I am excited to hear their new album. I give them a lot of respect for the “set your own price” scheme, let their fans set the price. It does make me curious as to what people will actually pay for the music…

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