Update on the Relocation

As most of you know, I am currently jobless and homeless in Southern California. The point of this predicament is to 1) Find gainful and, hopefully, fulfilling employment 2) Live close enough to the beach to surf often and 3) Convince my friends and family that they should join me (this third goal could ultimately result in a “compound,” possibly in the form of a old hotel building or apartment complex, where we live in harmony with friendship, meaningful discussion, and homegrown foods).

I want to achieve these three goals in the order I have presented. And as you may have guessed buy my first sentence, I am still on goal #1. Getting a job is taking longer than expected. I attribute my extended search time to a couple of factors. First, I don’t have a clear understanding of what I want the next five years of my professional life to look like. An opaque future stemming from the fact that my post graduation entrepreneurial endeavor did not work out as planned. This leaves me swimming around a bit large pond of job possibilities. My second reason for the extended timeline is the fact that I don’t have a network here. Given I have been in contact with Kevin Tostado and George Jemmott’s parents, these people constitute only the fringes of my network and prolonged success will require the development of a larger more versatile network.

My most recent development in the job search stems from some particularly harsh feedback I received from a technical interview I had. In the feedback, it was questioned whether or not I had taken basic physics and it was assumed that I didn’t invest in my engineering education successfully. Pretty harsh stuff. This may be an indication that I should not be looking for a mechanical design job at all, instead both my mother and Lindsay have suggested that I look into Sales Engineer positions. This may be an interesting path that leads to titles such as Business Development Engineer (I do like the sound of that, but I am not totally convinced on the whole sales engineer thing yet). One thing that does strike me as I am considering the Sales Engineer idea is that the sales experience may be a great skill to bring to our team. We have a lot of design talent and business savvy but we don’t have much sales experience. Do you guys think that it would be useful to us as a team?

The negative feedback also makes me go back to my desire to make the big bucks with a Consulting firm. But due to the fact that Olin does not have an extensive recruiting presence and that I don’t know any one already at a firm that I want to work for, the Consulting job seems like a distant dream.

I am currently bouncing between Pasadena and San Diego and think that it might be time for me to get a temporary home base (maybe a monthly room) and work from there. We’ll see.


One Response to Update on the Relocation

  1. Ben says:

    Well, I can speak from the perspective of here at rsys. Being a high tech company selling hardware to telecom/medical companies, it is essential that our sales department understands the technology on a deeper level than say, someone selling PCs at best buy. They’re not called engineers, however, because they don’t actually do any engineering. The work requires technical understanding, but not at the depth of an engineer. I’m not sure that answers any of your questions, but thought you might appreciate the perspective.

    Salesmanship is indeed an important skill, because if you don’t sell anything, you don’t have a company. It seems like a high-pressure job and I’ve heard working for commission sucks, but it’s a lot of people time and some people like the “thrill of the sale”.

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