Good times, good times

Alex has finally continued on his way, leaving Portland behind in a flurry of dust and stalls.

Man, it sucks we’re all so far apart. I vote for moving to San Diego and starting the next great American car company. You know you want to đŸ™‚

Tonight I think I might drink some PBR and watch the Big Lebowski; hopefully not freaking Sara out if I cry myself to sleep… You’re being very undude.


5 Responses to Good times, good times

  1. James says:

    Hey man, I am in. I am still looking for a job and my mom keeps telling me to start my own.

    Coincidentally, I am reading Lee Iacocca’s Autobiography and loving it. The guy is a great businessman and a new hero for me! He lays out a very balanced picture of the automobile industry and how he managed to succeed in it. He even goes so far as to lay out some ideas for succeeding in the future.

    San Diego is a great place.

  2. Ben says:

    I’ll definitely check out Iacocca’s autobio (haha- get it?)… too bad he couldn’t save Chrysler.

    The big question for me is how one would go about starting a car company. It seems pretty capital intensive, but maybe that’s just the old paradigm talking.

  3. James says:

    Ben you are correct, the whole endeavor would require a lot of money.

    Honestly if we could stream line the production process and cost effectively utilize an alternative fuel we could have a winner. The real barrier to entry is the Gas Station infrastructure. If we could find an alternative that was as easily available, like water, we would be set. Or maybe the next business is in the new fuel infrastructure….

    Honestly, we should start floating some documents around to see what we can come up with for a Business Plan or Opportunity Assessment. Anyone in?

  4. Ben says:

    I’m down to start bouncing ideas around- not really sure what goes into a business plan/opportunity assessment (OAP=not effective). Pretty sure the opportunity’s there, though.

    Can we power a car with love, like the carebears? Lord knows there’s a ton of that crap laying around.

  5. tallhobbes says:

    whaddya mean, finally? : ) I do miss you guys though. Awwwww.

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