Some Light Reading

First of all, I just found this when browsing through the news.  I recommend opening the pdf and just scrolling through it to see how immense it is:,,2211905,00.html 

Secondly, Dylan, the Kates, and I saw a book reading here in Seattle last night (  It was given by Mort Rosenblum, a highly experienced former AP correspondent who just released a book called Escaping Plato’s Cave:  How America’s Blindness to the Rest of the World Threatens our Survival.  He gave a pretty good talk, even if he was a bit spacey from doing this talk several times through the day.

The jist is that we as Americans ignore what happens around us, unless it involves some skanky pop star, and are not intellectually engaged enough to understand the trends in the world around us.  He talks a little bit about how we view the world compared to those in many other nations (this guy has been all over the world for the past 30 years), why we view the world (or don’t) the way we do, and some steps we may take to counteract this.  I’m excited to read the book, and will give a review once I finish it.


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