The Coen Brothers and Lee Iacocca

I have been meaning to post about my two most recent cultural indulgences for a while now; so here they are, finally.

First, the autobiography Lee Iacocca.  This easy to read autobiography is one of my new favorite business/life books and Mr. Iacocca is my new hero. At first I was skeptical about reading an autobiography of a great American business man. I imagined that it would be a good deal of self promotion and not much insight on how he acutally built his life. To my surprise, however, it did almost the opposite: Iacocca looks candidly at his mistakes and reflects on his decisions in a human way. There is a good deal of helpful insights but to keep it manageable I took three things away from reading the book: (1.) Success takes time (2.) If you plan your week you can have your own time (3.) Love what you do. I highly recommend reading this book if you want to learn about how an honest, hardworking man can make it in the business world and want to feel good about America and the type of business men it can produce.

No Country for Old Men is the best film I have seen all year. I feel like it is the best Coen brothers film yet and I can’t wait to see it again. The film’s success stems from the inherent Nihilism in both the novel by Cormac McCarthy and the film making style of the Coen brothers and that allows for the film to be cohesive in how the story is translated into film. Visually, the film is strong and takes advantage of the inherent beauty of back country Texas. If you are a fan of the Coen brothers films, I recommend that you watch and enjoy.


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