Response to the Dem’s Response to the State of the Union

Some quick thoughts about our fearless leader’s State of the Union address last night and the Democrat’s response:

  1. President Bush mentioned a plan to let people in the armed forces transfer any education benefits to their spouse or children. Sounds like a great step in the right direction. You know, treat our soldiers like human beings with benefits like any other career. If only they could work out that whole healthcare thing.
  2. Gov. Sebelius’ response to the Pres’ speech had this interesting line about green development: “But more than just recover, the Kansans who live in Greensburg are building green, rebuilding a better community for their children and grandchildren; making shared sacrifices and investments for the next generation.” Why does everyone think being “green” and “environmentally friendly”necessarily comes with sacrifices? How come no one talks about being green as a means to become economically viable instead of a hindrance to our activities? No wonder getting Congress to enact environmental policies has proved largely futile; whenever someone mentions the environment, it’s in the context of limiting or sacrificing what we have.
  3. Another quote from Sebelius: “The last five years have cost us dearly in lives lost, in thousands of wounded warriors whose futures may never be the same, in challenges not met here at home because our resources were committed elsewhere. America’s foreign policy has left us with fewer allies and more enemies.” What? Spending $500 Billion on the military means there’s less money to go around?! I don’t get it. How come people don’t like our foreign policy? Is it because they were disappointed the surge wasn’t an energy drink?



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