Well, that blog idea really took off…


I’m curious to know how some of you are doing.  Alex – where’s the big update?  James, how you been, man?  Jake, what’s the word?

Ben, I heard about the post-July 4th mohawk.  Awesome.  I hope the wedding planning is going well, too.

Things are pretty good on this end.  I had a short run in with a stress fracture in my right foot several weeks ago, but that seems to have gone away now.  Kate and I were training for the Royal Victoria Marathon, but that won’t work out for me.  She’s still determining whether she’s going to do it.  She had a 17 mile training run on Sunday, so she’s certainly working her way up to it.

Kate and I had a weeklong trail maintenance vacation at the beginning of the month.  It was awesome – we had Mount Baker right outside our tent flap and the beautiful (read: mostly rainy and windy) North Cascades weather to comfort us.  The group included 12 people, all of which were good folks.  We did a 300′ trail reroute on the approach to Anderson Lake, which included grubbing and chopping out lots of roots and rocks and moving a couple of sizable logs and rocks.  It was hard work, but we really enjoyed it.  On the third night or so, we had a hell of a storm – we were camped on a logging road, with clearcut below us, so we were pretty exposed – and our cook tent blew down the road to be found the next morning.  I got up at midnight to see how bad the damage was, and it was one of the eeriest experiences I’ve had.  It was during a lull in the storm, so it was scary quiet, and there was this thick swirling fog in camp.  Add in a weak headlamp and food simply packed into pack-animal panniers, and you have the makings of a good bear attack story.

Jeff, I’m looking forward to the Yosemite trip coming up.  I think we’re going to spend some time this weekend making sure we have the stuff on Paul’s list.  I’ll also do some research on the Diamox goodness.

I hope everyone is doing well.


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