Eine Kleine Update

The great ‘mostly solo’ product development engineering project that has occupied more than a year and a half of my newly minted engineering “career” is over for a while.  I went from a hurried effort to release parts for manufacturing on a Friday to 4 new projects on the following Monday.  I will admit that it was a real shock to the system to have to keep up with hours for clients and have hard deliverables, but I’m almost completely adjusted now.  God help me.

That being said, things are going well.  I’m making an effort to get out more this winter, which I’m really excited about.  The first snow fell at Stevens Pass a few days ago, and I hope we get dumped on again this winter, though it will be tough to match last winter.  I also have a trip set up with my boss and some his buddies to summit Mt. St. Helens in January.  I’m about 60% confident that this will actually occur, and it should be a good time if it does.  I’m going to start Telemark skiing as soon as I can, and the goal is to be able to skin up St. Helens somewhat efficiently and ski back down.

Kate and I are going to look at a ’82 VW Vanagon Westphalia on Saturday morning.  It’s in the neighborhood, and looks to be in good shape.  The folks who own it drove it to Panama and back without any trouble, and just had their 3rd kid, so the van is now approximately useless.  Note to self:  Kids seem to be quite disruptive to life.

I think this would significantly increase the amount of climbing and skiing we do in the winter.  It’s difficult to convince ourselves to go with all the guilt over energy usage – especially if we can only go for one day (nobody wants to pay for ski-resort area hotel rooms).  Camping in the Westy will make it easier to go for a whole weekend, making it a better value proposition.

However, I’m not sure how excited Kate is about this scheme…

Otherwise, I’m occupied with the routine of daily life as an engineer.  I’ve been going to Crossfit fairly regularly, but need to be better about it.  I’ve met a couple of people there that I had noticed as really solid climbers at the rock gym we go to.  I’m excited about the classes, and though I’ve had my ass handed to me a number of times there, I’ve had lots of fun.  I highly recommend working out in a “class” format, where everybody else is in the same boat as you.  You know, like high school sports, but with better coaches.

James, we’re probably going to miss Thanksgiving in LA.  I think we’re going to pinch our pennies and hang out here with the local crowd.

I hope you guys are all doing well –



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