New Toy

After years of hand-me-down vehicles for cheap from my parents, I finally bought one that I wanted.  Kate and I picked up a VW Vanagon on Monday down in Portland.  Here are some photos the previous owner took recently:


After I do some work to it, I’ll post some more photos.

This thing is screaming for a road trip, or at least some good skiing.  Anytime you guys want to get away for a while, just let me know.

I hope all is well.  Oh, and by the way, just to get get a spark, I have 2 words for you guys –

bachelor parties.


2 Responses to New Toy

  1. Alex says:

    Totally sweet! And a manual, too! Didn’t brian bingham have one of these? Does this mean James now is seeking bromance with Bret? Could make for a complicated bachelor party, but still sounds like fun to me!

  2. James says:

    I am not quite sure if “bromance” is on my agenda, but that is one sweet ride man. Speaking of new cars, Lindsay has been “try to convince me” to buy another truck…oh man…

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